When women speak up, when we take action and when we genuinely care, lives are changed.

When I met Salha, Asnath and Lilian last year to propose a small event for young women to commemorate International Women’s Day, I had no idea that will be the birth of an initiative that will actually be changing lives of girls, and young women, including our own lives. Her Africa’s ‘Girl Talks DSM’ series are in their 4th edition and they are getting exciting as we grow.  Girl Talks DSM aims to elevate and empower one girl at a time.

Last Friday afternoon, girls from Mikocheni Secondary school got to experience Girls Talk DSM 4th edition. This session was opportunity to improve their financial skills with the aim of empowering them and equip them for life outside of education and to better their financial decisions. Our 4thedition of Girls Talks DSM themed ‘Money Matters Matter’ was blessed with a great partnership from Tanzania Women’s Bank. This workshop aimed to equip young girls with skills that will help them deal with finance challenges in the future. Early knowledge on what to expect from financial world gives an individual some sort of strong security over the finances.

Growing up, I never had opportunities such these, where experts and coaches offered their skills, knowledge and expertise. To see this happening now, I know these young women will grow up and they too will give their skills and expertise back to their communities.

In school Math was quite a challenging subject for me. So it was great to the workshop was delivered in a very interactive and fun way so that the young girls enjoyed money management from the start to the end of the sessions. You all know how hard it is to manage money, this one of many struggles faced by individuals through out their lives.  To be honest I have also struggled with financial planning, and saving; it has taken me years to understand basic of managing my money and I am still learning.

The other thing that Her Africa does very well and we love doing is working on girls confidence and self esteem. We all know that in order for girls and young women to excel and succeed in life, they need to feel great about themselves, and love themselves. As one would imagine this was a popular session.  The girls got to take part in activities and use various materials to explore what influences their body image and self-esteem.

This initiative makes me realise how much I love this type of work and that this is what I was meant to do. I look forward to the next session and to the growth of Her Africa.


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