Yesterday was Birthday. I turned 35!

I surprised myself of how excited I was to turning 35; and I did so with grace and pride. I actually love the fact that I am 35 and I am not even ashamed to say so. As I sat in bed last night I couldn’t help but think of the day I had and how amazing it was; and it was then that I told myself, ‘it is time for you Zena’. It is time you live your life authentically.

I told myself to live more, love more, laugh more and pray more. I told myself all the unexpected moments that came my way, made me stronger to face my future, and what a great future it looks to be.

I won’t lie; I failed at most of the goals that I set myself in 2017. To some this might sound somewhat negative, but to me it is just something to learn from. I have a lot ahead of me in 2018. No doubt I will face some challenges and discomforts, but the lessons from 2017 will help me overcome those challenges and succeed.

I told myself no more selfdoubt, no more self-sabotage, but more selflove, selfcare, and self-confidence. 35 is about developing my talents, passion and just following my heart. As daunting as it might be for some to turn 35, I have found out there are some pretty good things about reaching the middle age.

  1. You become a lot more honest to yourself and to others about a lot of things. For example I now feel more at ease to say what like and don’t to do, and I can voice it. You can say no to Bridal Showers, Kitchen Parties, mid week weddings of people you only met once but expect you to contribute to their wedding and also attend; those who live in Dar can understand what I mean.
  2. When *hit hits the fan and life just deals you a bad card, you learn to deal with it and you realize that it will pass, and it will be the past and you just move on.
  3. Your parents can NO longer tell you what to do. They can advice you, but you don’t really have to take their advice. (My mother would kill me for saying this)
  4. You actually stop thinking about the things you could have or should have done and stop feeling that you have missed out or you are missing out; and actually start to think about what it is that you really want to do with the rest of your life.
  5. Accepting situations that you cannot control as they are. You start to see letting go of such feelings and things becomes easier and easier. Life goes on, things happen, change is inevitable and therefore accepting that makes life so free and peaceful.
  6. It is NEVER to late to chase your wildest dreams to make them into a reality.

So Here’s to 35!!!