I have always been pulled towards anything and everything that has something to do with helping others especially those who are less fortunate than myself. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life be it in a big or small way.

The idea of HerAfrica started out as an idea for a ‘one-time’ event only  for Women’s Day, but instead it ended up being an initiative that is has life and is changing the narrative.

Her Africa started as a collaborative project between three beautiful, smart and talented young women of LAS Consultancy and myself. Through various series of projects we aim at working towards empowering, inspiring and impacting knowledge, skills and tools to girls and young women from all walks of life. Her Africa’s vision is to build a network of strong, successful and motivational women that will share their skills, knowledge and tools to support you women and girls in Tanzania excel in their education, personal lives and their future.

Since our soft launch March this year, we have had three life changing sessions, mostly  life changing for us too, because we realized what we are doing may seem very little to us, but it means the world to the girls and young women we meet along the way.

We don’t do this alone, and even if we wanted to, we know we couldn’t. We have had, and continue to have great support from amazing women within the Dar es Salaam community, joining us in sharing their knowledge and expertise to empower young women and girls.

As daughter, sister and a mother to  a six year old girl, my passion to empower and uplift girls and young women will always be with me and I am glad to have met Salha, Asnath and Lilian who inspire me everyday. We have a common dream; and that dream is making sure that no girl is left behind. And with the help of many other amazing women we can make our dream a reality.

If your have the same dream as we do, or you passionate about the girl child and her well being, and would love to join us in one of #GirlTalksDSM sessions, please visit our Instagram page @herafrica || Facebook www.facebook.com/HerAfricaTanzania || or email me at zena@mintandtea.com

Again thank you to Salha, Asnath and Lilian of @lasconsultancy  for your big hearts and amazing talents.

Our thanks also go @carolndosi || @humancherish || @sisacommunitytz || @shadowwalk3r ||  and @mtickzgraphie