I have been getting some good feedback and questions on the blog about who is Zena. So I thought I do one of those fun 23 things about me post. And here it goes….

  1. I love both coffee and tea. As greedy as it might sound, I honestly do. My favorite  tea is Mint. But I guess you knew that already!
  2. I love playing games on my phone and iPad. I love Cookie Jam and Free Cell. Honestly Cookie Jam is so addictive; I have it on my phone, iPad and even my kids’ iPads. (shameless)
  3. As child I was terrified of the camera flash. I would cry straight after a picture would be taken. But look at me now loving photography and constantly posting pics of myself on my Instagram feed.
  4. I love food. OMG! I am a foodie. My love for food comes from my sister Gigi, who is the mother of all foodies and of course our Dad who taught us to cook and all about food. No wonder I struggle with my weight because I don’t make the right choices most of the time. But which foodie does???
  5. I have only been blogging for a year and five months. And I am LOVING it! I am looking forward to new adventures with my blog and build Mint and Tea into a loved and respected brand.

6. I keep cutting and growing my hair. I never leave it to see how long it will grow. Each time I say this time round I’m going to let it grow I end up cutting it. I can’t help it! Ok maybe it’s because a lot and I mean a lot of people prefer me with my short natural hair; but I love changing my hair and I will continue to do so!!

7. I am a wife to an AD Man (My Mad Man) and a mummy to two adorable children. But you already knew that from my profile. What you did know is that they are AMAZING human beings and I love them dearly. and yes I do love being a wifey and a mummy!!!

8.I write, but I wouldn’t call myself a writer. I write random things in my journal of which I hope one day will make sense and I can publish it. Take note on the word ‘hope’.

9.I love cooking. Of course I do, I love food. But seriously I love cooking and there is nothing more satisfying and comforting when you cook and enjoy good delicious food with your family and friends.

10.I love to read. I read all sorts of material. My current read is ‘Girl With A Pearl Earring’, by Tracy Chevalier. Well this is actually a re-read!

11.I absolutely love the Beach. I love the sand on my feet and I love being in the water and in a pool when it is not the beach: But… I cannot swim. Well I can float and just about move a bit, but I wouldn’t call that swimming.

12.I always start new projects, but I have a problem completing them. I know a lot of you have the same problem. I now try to take on one at a time. Take note of the word TRY.

13. I love cats, but my husband and kids love dogs and they want a puppy. I mean I love dogs and wouldn’t have a problem having one, but I just love cats.

14.I love lipstick. A girl cannot go wrong with a good shade of Red Lipstick.

15.I love to paint. I have always painted since the age of 3. I do mostly abstract paintings.

16. I would love travel more. My top 7 destinations are France, Cuba, Japan, Morocco, Italy, Australia, and Ghana.

17.I love self- development and self-study. Blogging has made me research more, read more, and be more curious. I have learned and I am still learning about branding, marketing, taking the right photos, and knowing the right opportunities.

18.I am a poor philanthropist. I live by the motto; by giving you receive more. I have always felt the need to be active in my community and I have always gravitated towards social development projects. It gives my heart peace and joy when I see that I have created an impact in someone’s life.

19.I love Nail Art. Too bad I live in a town where I am yet to see a great Nail Artist. If any of you know one, please let a girl know.  But I love doing my nails.

20.I love fashion. But I wouldn’t call myself a Fashionista. Blogging has definitely made me dive into this industry and it has given me the thirst to learn more about the industry.

21.I love, love, love Music. I cannot tell you the type of music because I listen to all types of music.

22.I love being around fun, energetic, intriguing people that challenge my mind and ideals. One should always strive to live outside the BOX.

23.I love Ice cream. Vanilla or Chocolate. Yes I’m traditional when it comes to flavor.

 So there you go. Lets get to know each other better. I would love for you to leave something about yourself in the comments! or comment via my Instagram page @zmintntea