As we approach the end of June, I picked a few of my favorite looks from May and June for this post. I have never been one to be called ‘fashionable’ or ‘fashionista’, but I have always loved fashion and dressing up and of late I find myself immersing myself more into the fashion world; learning about the industry at home and outside our boarders. I find myself seeking out good buys from different places around the city and online.

Being far from a ‘fashionista’ I have been told many times and by numerous individuals that I do have a ‘unique’ ‘different’ ‘fun and quirky’ sense of style. How I piece together a look some might say is ‘fashion sin’, but makes others think like ‘that’s different; never thought those two prints could work together’. I personally think fashion should be what you feel makes you feel good about how your look and about yourself. Yes there are rules and the basics that one should think of, but at the end of it, I think one should feel free to set their own trends and dress how you would like, even if it means breaking the rules.

I get inspiration from everything; my art, my writing, places I visit, people I meet, and of course the Internet; social media platform are great places for inspiration, my two favorites being Instagram and Pinterest. Over the past few months a mix of bloggers have inspired me. is currenlty one of my favorite bloggers and I love her sense of style because it is unique, she does follow the rules but somewhat but also breaks them and I totally identify with that.

I am more drawn to vintage looks with a modern twist; African prints, T-shirts, Kimonos, demin and super simple outfits are my thing generally. I will keep investing in a few good quality pieces rather than buying many things. I mean I always love to shop who doesn’t? But shopping in Dar es Salaam is tricky as we are very limited to what we can access so one has to be extra creative. When it comes to shopping my mother always says quality over quantity’ and I have come to live to her mantra as I get older.

So here are my favorites looks for May and June and I say thank you to all of you for visiting my blog and my Instagram page and thanks for the support and your encouragement. Wishing you all a fabulous summer!!!