It has been a long time since I posted something on the blog. The thing is; I have been going through THE WORST Creative Block I have ever had. This was an entrapment of my own thinking. I understand that this is very normal it happens to all of us, and to the world’s best creatives. However saying it’s frustrating is an understatement.

Now there are different reasons as to why one, experiences a creative block, and some of the factors are specific to that individual. I thought I share with you some of the reasons as to why I have been going through a creative block and some of the steps I took to over come it.


WORK: I work full time as result I struggle to balance my time and put some hours aside for my creative work.

FEELING OVERWHELM: working full time, being wife, mother, sister, friend and adding on all the other social and family commitments; can at times I feel like I have taken on too many commitments; as a result I struggle with finding a balance between all the roles I have to play on a day to day basis; which affects my timing and how I feel towards my creative work. I have too many ideas I tend to loose track of some of them and at times I can’t make up my mind on which one to start with or even finish.

CREATIVE WORK ROUTINE: I have come to realize I do all my creative work mostly late at night of which by then I am already tired and drained from my day.

LIMITED DOWNTIME: with all the mentioned above, I have not been making enough downtime for myself as a result the feeling of mental exhaustion was inevitable.


NO WAY OUT: Work is work; there is no way out but to make the time. I have made the time and I now work on my creatives during the weekend. I put at least an hour, maximum two hours towards my creative work.

CUTTING DOWN: say more NO to new commitments projects. I have started to train myself to saying no to new projects or taking on extra work that I cannot deliver on or that will just make me more overwhelmed. I work on few projects at time.

KEEP A JOURNAL: I now keep a small journal of which I take down notes of any ideas or thought that come up. Make a list of anything and everything that pops up in your mind, that way you will have it written down and you can always go back to your journal and seek inspiration from it.

GET OUT: change the scene. Now that I write during the weekend I can work from my balcony, roof terrace or go to a Café. This has helped my mind think in different ways. Try and get out and seek other places that will inspire you and stimulate your mind.

TIME OUT: it has been an on and off thing when it comes to making time for myself. There are times I am really good at it and there are times, I completely fail because I get caught up in all the things I have to do. However going through this block I have realized how important it is to really slow down and make time for myself. For me what works is a good nap, massage, taking a walk, listening to music while sipping a good cup of tea, reading a book; all these things relax me, and it put me at ease.

I hope this will somehow help you if you feel like you are going through a creative block or if you are feeling overwhelmed. If you have more tips on how to overcome a creative block or feeling overwhelmed please do share them or if you like to share your experience going through a creative block and how you overcame it, I would love it read about it.