I have always had dry skin and as an adult I have spent a good amount of time and energy finding a product that works for me. When I was young Vaseline was our mother’s number one moisturizer. Growing up and getting to  understand my dry skin more, I learnt that Vaseline works best in in some parts of my body and at certain time of the year, as I live in the tropics. It’s now hot and dry season in Dar and I know I am not alone in the dry skin club, so here are my 5 most favorite moisturizers that have been kind to my skin over the years.

  1. Josie Maran: Argan Infinity Intense Creamy Oil

This is a new find for me and I am crazy about this product because it ticks all the boxes when it comes to my super dry skin. It’s got 100% Pure Argan Oil in a creamy base infused with shea butter, aloe vera, mango seed butter, and macadamia seed oil. I use it for all my dry spots, my lips, under eye, elbows and knees. I also by default discovered that it is also good as a primer as it makes the foundation blend in easily. It is a portable size, so I always have in my handbag and ready for use anytime anywhere.

2. Body Shop: Shea Lip Butter

I love love this Lip Butter. It’s got one of my favorite ingredient Shea Butter and it smell amazing, almost good enough to eat. (No I don’t eat it ) It does work and my lips always feel moisturized and it also leaves a sheen so it looks like you got gloss on.

3. Palmer’s Coco Butter

4.Dove Essential Nourishment Cream

5. Vaseline Blue Seal

I have a always used Palmer’s Coco Butter as a full body moisturizer. It is thick and creamy and  again this also has my favorite ingredient Shea Butter. It also has Vitamin E which helps prevent wrinkles and keeps your skin elastic. If you have very dry skin like I do, you might want to give this a try if you haven’t done so already.

I use the Dove Essential Nourishment simultaneously with the Coco Butter. Right now it’s very hot and dry so I use the Dove body cream during the day and I use the Coco Butter at night. Vaseline well I believe we all know its one of the best moisturizes of all time. I use Vaseline mostly on the soles of my feet and sometime my lips and elbows.

Love Thy Skin xox