I love taking photos and over the years I’ve come to appreciate and love the work of many Tanzanian photographers. Photos and video clips are a great way of preserving memories, which you can revisit by just clicking on your phone or on your laptop.

As it is wedding season and continuing with my wedding season series, I thought I share some of my favorite photographers in Dar es Salaam. You will see that I did not say wedding photographer, because most of them are actually not wedding photographers, but they do cover weddings and they do amazing work. Also I did not rank in preference because all of them are different from each other, they each have their own unique techniques and design and I love the different emotions and atmosphere each of them bring to their work.

So here are my 7 most favourite photographers.

  1. Karolyn Klaire from Color Creatives (@karolynklaire | @colorcreativehouse | www.karolynklaire.com)

Karolyn is a lifestyle blogger and content creator, but she also takes amazing photographs. She has a great eye when it comes to bringing a story/a photo to life.  

2. Sam Vox (@sam.vox | samvox.co)

Sam Vox is a visual artist, who gives his life to his subjects in his photographs. He creates a sense of curiosity within his work.

3. Osse Greca Sinare of OGS Studios (@ossegrecasinare | @ogsstudios)

Osse’s work and achievements speak for themselves. Osse offers his clients an experience when he covers a shoot and the end result is nothing short of magic. There are no limits with Osse, he pushes his art outside the box.

4. The Bongolese ‘Neema Jodie’ (@thebongolese | thebongolese.com)

Neema is lifestyle blogger and photographer. What I love about her work is her play with shades and color. She is one to look out for.

5. Shalua Mandara from Dunamailabs (@shadowwalk3r | vsco.co/shadowwalk3r)

Shalua is a Developer and photographer. I have worked with Shalua the most and I have seen him work hard towards his goals in the creative industry. What I love his photographs is that he takes his photos from the third eye view, he lets the photos tell the story and he is never shy of a challenge.

6. Manifesterbrand (@manifesterbrand)

The Manifesterbrand is a celebrated photographer in Tanzania. I love his wedding photographs the most because he tells the journey of love that we all long for. His photo gives the feeling of aspiration.

7. Nasrin Suleiman (@nazyxo)

Nasrin is a photographer based in Zanzibar. Her Instagram feed is one of my favourites. I love her work because she brings life, color and all sorts of emotions to her photographs.

It’s all about preference and what you like. These are my favorite photographers and I do suggest you look out for them, whether you have a wedding, a pre-wedding shoot, pregnancy shoot or whatever kind of shoot you want. One thing I would advice is that, week or so before the ceremony, supply the photographer with a list of moments that are important to you, this way he/she will know exactly what to capture and he/she can also advice on different shots.