Yesterday we celebrated our 7 years anniversary. Looking back on the day we got married I cannot but keep smiling as it was a beautiful day and one of the best days of my life.

Well I kept smiling as I looked back because some considered us young, but we knew we were ready to commit to each other. I remember my husband’s big smile as I walked down the aisle with my parents by my side and our friends and family looking on, as we were about to be Mr & Mrs.

Our wedding was beautiful and of course every bride says that her wedding was a beautiful wedding. For me it was a beautiful surprise because my husband and his team of planners did all the planning and all I was asked was to say what I liked and did not like and he did an amazing job, much beyond my expectation. And he has continued to amaze me beyond my expectation throughout these years.

Like most brides in our culture I had four events, starting with the Henna party; where I was decorated with traditional henna floral design. Only women attend this event and it’s a time where the bride’s mother, sister and aunties get to spend time with the bride sipping tea and eating sweets and give her advice on marriage and how to maintain her home. The next event was the ‘Maulid’ a religious event that is hosted by the bride’s family, to give thanks and ask for blessings for the bride.

The third event was the ‘Pre-Wedding Dinner’ also hosted by the bride’s family and this time the groom and his family and friends are also invited to the event. The event is about introducing the groom to the rest of the bride’s family and friends and giving guests a chance to meet and have a good time.

And the last event was the wedding ceremony and reception. The groom and his family host this event and our wedding theme was ‘Ball Room’. At our reception dancing was the order of the night. We dance into the late night, thank God I wore ‘Mary Janes’ and not heels!

Seven years on and two children I cannot but be grateful to God, my family and friends and most of all to my husband who has stood by me all this time. My late grandmother always told us ‘marry someone who is your friend, who will sweep you of your feet, but most importantly, marry someone who will always make you laugh because laughter is the secret to a great relationship and longevity’.