It is said that one should start looking after their skin in their twenties. Well I went through my twenties not taking care of my skin at all. It was never really a priority. Having dry skin that never broke out with pimples, made me lazy, all I had to do was cleanse and moisturize.

In my thirties I happen to meet a lady who has a Spa business and is a skin specialist. She was intrigued about my skin and asked what my skin care routine was. When I told her, that I don’t really have one she had a horrified look on her face. She told me now that I’m in my thirties I need to start taking care of my skin no matter how good I think my skin is  and that all skin types need care. She advice finding a routine that I can maintain.

She then advised different types of skin care products and brands ranging from ones you can get from pharmacies, supermarkets to some high-end products. She also gave me samples from Elemis skin care range. This was a brand that I had not heard of before, therefore I was a bit apprehensive as to how it might react to my dry skin. To my surprise and contentment it worked for me. I would say the brand is somewhat on the high-end and is pricey, but worth the money in the long run.

Please note that I am not a skin expert and nor I am promoting this brand or any other brand featured. I am just sharing what works for me. I have also maintained some of my favorite products that I use day to day as part of my skin care routine. Here is what I use day to day for my face, body, lips, hands and nails.



~Sensitive Cleansing Wash

~Maximum Moisture: Day Cream

~Maximum Moisture: Night Cream

For my dark circles and bags I use

~Pro-collagen Eye Renewal

~Pro- collagen Advance Eye Treatment

Hydrating your skin is an important step in maintaining the overall health of your face regardless of your skin type. If you’ve got oily skin, go with a gel or lotion-based moisturizer. If you’re got dry skin like me, use creams. If you’re in-between, use light, acid-free lotions.


~Simple Soothing Facial Toner (this works for my dry skin because it has no alcohol)

~Himalaya Herbals- Walnut Scrub (I exfoliate once a week)

~St. Ives: make up remover and cleanser. I personally prefer the cream based make removers rather than liquid ones, because I find that they really breakdown all of my make-up and removing with a cloth ensures most of it is removed, down to the pores.


BODY: as mentioned before I have very dry skin therefore moisturizing is number one priority. I have 3 favorites body moisturizers that I use:

~Palmer’s Coco Butter,

~Dove-Essential Nourishment

~Vaseline. Most of us have used Vaseline in our life time, and mostly as children (well it was my mother’s choice of moisturizer for her kids, so I’ve grown up with it.) For my dry skin I use it for the soles of my feet, my elbows and knees.



~The Body Shop- Lip Butter

~Burt’s Bees- Beeswax Lip Balm



~Premier- Dead Sea Cream

~Olive Defending Hand Cream (this one stays in my handbag)

~Premier-Dead Sea Cuticle Oil

The other things I do, as part of my skin care regime are drinking lots of water. Yes it might sound cliché, but water is good for your skin. If your skin is not getting good amount of water, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling.

Also drinking  water daily is important for overall good health because water helps with digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion.




For those who don’t really like drinking water, you can infuse it with fruits and herbs such as mix berries and mint, lemon, apples, or oranges. I prefer berries and citrus fruits. 

And lastly I also wear sunscreen. Dar es Salaam is very hot, and it is a common misconception that dark skinned people does not need to wear sunscreen. Yes darker skin is higher in pigment melanin than light skin, which provides some protection against skin cancer and aging, but it still needs sunscreen of at least SPF 30.


How about you? What is your skin care routine? I would love to hear from you, there is always room for learning new things.