Life is journey experienced by all of us and no matter how busy we are it is important to take a moment and catch a breath. We spend a lot of time caring for our work, our kids, our family and other people and in turn we forget about taking care of ourselves. We then struggle to me time’; a moment to meditate, or just switch off.


We all deserve a fulfilling life and it is up to us how we sail, fly or drive towards out destinations and who and what we bring along the journey. I’ve spent too many years in the I can’t’ path and my husband once told me ‘if you cannot learn to let go of things you have no control of and if you cannot accept your flaws, you will always remain in a state of uncertainty and unhappiness’.

I have always been the type of person with great ideas of which I would start but never invest time to see its growth. This came from my fear of criticism and fear of rejection; ‘What if people don’t like me or don’t like what I say’. Then for months my husband’s words kept re-playing in my mind and then I told myself ‘what if they like me and like what I say’.  (And in life not everyone will like you or like your work.) At that moment I took my pen to paper and my brush to canvas. I decided that I don’t want to leave with ‘what if?’ at that moment Mint and Tea was born.

It takes time and practice to incorporate our journey with self-care, wellness, creativity and fun and shake off the cycle of routine and stress and feel a better self. For me Mint and Tea is my way of switching off and relaxing.

Life is a journey; as I pick myself up from my current destination to the next one and with my cup of minted tea in hand, I hope that I can inspire many to do the same. Just remember, at whatever destination you are at, it is never too late to take that step.